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About us

We are a growing group set up under the direction of Dr Siyana Shaffi, a general medical practitioner who started working in Greek refugee camps in October, 2015 on the island of Lesvos.

When the number of migrants coming to Lesvos decreased, we moved our services closer to Edomenie (the northern border with Fyrom) in a small town called Polykastro. We used operate mainly a mobile medical service from two yellow ambulances.

We have fully equipped clinical rooms and access to a portable ultrasound machine and ECG.

We are a team made up of volunteer doctors, nurses, paramedics and other allied health professionals from all over the world. We work with translators and non-clinical staff with the aim of providing medical care to refugees affected by the migrant crisis.

We operate clinics using one ambulance as a dispensing pharmacy, and the larger ambulance as our examination/minor procedures room. We also do tent visits for those with clinical need.

Team Kitrinos is always on the lookout for volunteers, both clinical and non-clinical, so please get in touch if you are interested.

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Kitrinos Healthcare is fundraising towards

Refugees in Greece Need Your Help!

Who I am: I am Dr Siyana Shaffi, founder of Kitrinos Healthcare and a mother of five. I began my career in humanitarian medicine in 2015 during the peak of the refugees crisis in Lesvos. Kitrinos Healthcare became a UK registered medical charity in 2017 (charity no. 1172586 ). Our mission ...

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Meat for Refugees - Eid Campaign

For many refugees fleeing the atrocities of war, eating meat has become a luxury unaffordable to many over the years. Camp food rarely has meat on the menu. With Eid Al Adha approaching, we are supporting "Team Humanity" and "All for Humanity " on the ground in ...

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Urgent Ambulance Repairs Needed

Kitrinos Healthcare is a UK- and Greek-based registered charity providing healthcare and support to refugees trapped in Greek refugee camps. Our ambulance, ‘Mama Kitrinos’, is in need of urgent repairs. Please donate so we can keep her on the road. This ambulance has been with us since ...

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